Monday, October 19, 2009

The Smurfs Movie

Director Raja Gosnell is tackling a new movie adaptation of the Smurfs, those little blue creatures imagined by Peyo. This new Smurfs movie will be a hybrid CGI/live-action movie. It won't be a sequel to the earlier Smurf feature films, but will be starting from another storyline. The Smurfs movie was once set for a release in December 2010, but it has since been pushed back to July 2011.

Take a look to the first official poster of the Smurfs (not yet updated to the new release date):
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)


Say hello to our little friend!

Movie Plot:
"The adventures of a mythical race of little blue creatures in medieval times that must deal with each other and humans, particularly an evil wizard obsessed with capturing them for his own sinister purposes."

I don't mind Director Raja Gosnell rebooting the Smurfs, well, I mean I don't, as long as Gargamel and his pet cat Azrael are still there to chase the poor Smurfs. I'm not really fans of the Smurf, but I definitely love Azrael the cat, that's even how I called my cat actually!

Just to get in the Smurfs mood let's watch the opening of the Smurfs animated series:

Hope they'll keep the cute theme song for the Smurfs movie.